Dave Loffredo

Version 19 Service Pack One Released!

Service Pack One updates Version 19 of the STEP Tools development stack with the latest revisions to STEP AP242e2, improves the faceters, adds new math functions for slicing, and reorganizes the libraries used for XML reading. The release notes have full details.

The STEP EXPRESS class library now covers the recent minor revision of AP242e2, which adjusts some of the definitions published in 2020 to improve PMI capabilities, and adds others for electrical wire harness modeling

The geometry faceting code improves handling of surfaces bounded by a complex trimmed spline curve and quasi-periodic surfaces such as screws. We also improved NURBS curve solving and our mesh boolean calculation code. For IFC meshing, we now support face voids when specified with a IfcIndexedPolygonalFaceWithVoids.

The ROSE Math library has new functions to slice a mesh, and get and fill the intersection loops with parallel lines, such as for additive manufacturing toolpaths

  • rose_slice_plane()
  • rose_slice_plane_2d()
  • rose_slice_get_loops_isects()
  • rose_slice_fill_loops()

Mesh Slicing For Additive Planning

Mesh Slicing For Additive Planning.

Our platform support for MacOS X now combines libraries for Intel 64bit and ARM (M1/Apple Silicon) platforms into a single Mach-O universal library for simplicity instead of two separate libraries as in the original v19 release.

The release overview has much more information about these and other recently added features! Our knowledge of these standards is unmatched across the industry. Whatever your goal, we provide the tools that you can rely on to reach it.

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