Mission Statement

Our mission is to make US manufacturing 15% more efficient. We do so by connecting manufacturing machines to simulation servers that enable real time analysis and correction of machining results.

STEP Tools, Inc. has existed in three phases. In the first phase, from 1990 to 2000, we worked with a worldwide community of experts to develop protocols for sharing product model data between enterprises.

In the second phase, from 2000 to 2015, we built upon our earlier experience to create a rich and powerful software stack for viewing and manipulating product models. STEP Tools® software is used in millions of CAD, CAM, and BIM stations.

Now in the third phase, we enable the sharing of measurable product models, in real time, on the digital thread, using smart phones and browsers.

To participate, connect your manufacturing machines, including traditional machine tools, 3D printers and robots, to simulation servers known as digital twins. You will then be able to share correctable 3D models of what you are making between design, planning, manufacturing and inspection across the supply chain.

The benefits are faster communication, instantaneous inspection and the ability to automate many new processes. With our technology, your manufacturing operations will become 15% more efficient by slowing down to reduce tool wear when there is flexibility, and speeding up to meet a deadline when the schedule is tight.