Digital Thread and Digital Twin

On October 5th, 2016, at the Future of Flight museum in Mukilteo, three audiences from OMAC, Boeing, and ISO TC184/SC4 digital manufacturing team saw a demonstration of standards-based digital thread and digital twins:

  • A standards based digital thread was used to update a machining “twin” model in real time
  • The machining model was measured using on-line software, and off-line using a CMM.
  • New automations are possible when machining is measured in real time. They showed feeds being made 15% more efficient by monitoring chip thickness.

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Version 17 Software Released

April 20, 2017 — Version 17 of the STEP Tools development stack of libraries and tools is now available for use in STEP, IFC, and Digital Manufacturing solutions. The full stack includes the EXPRESS-level STEP and IFC libraries previously packaged as ST-Developer as well as our STEP-NC simulation and machining libraries, .NET and Node interfaces, an enhanced business-logic level APIs.

Our software stack has grown over the past twenty six years. At the heart of the software is the set of EXPRESS-based C++ programming libraries used within many commercial STEP and IFC CAD interfaces. Built on top of this are the newest simulation and high-level APIs along with .NET and Javascript client-server interfaces that are bringing Digital Manufacturing into production.

Software Stack

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Connect product design, manufacturing, and inspection with a digital twin, built in real-time while machining with our new 3D model-based simulator. View from any mobile device, automate metrology, collaborate with supply chain, and real-time optimization.

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IFC-based solutions for BIM systems: translation, bill-of-materials applications, and visualization.

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