Digital Thread and Digital Twin

On October 5th, 2016, at the Future of Flight museum in Mukilteo, three audiences from OMAC, Boeing, and ISO TC184/SC4 digital manufacturing team saw a demonstration of standards-based digital thread and digital twins:

  • A standards based digital thread was used to update a machining “twin” model in real time
  • The machining model was measured using on-line software, and off-line using a CMM.
  • New automations are possible when machining is measured in real time. They showed feeds being made 15% more efficient by monitoring chip thickness.

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Happy New Year!

With the arrival of 2017, we can take a moment to reflect on some interesting developments in the past year:

  • Many demonstrations of real-time digital twins during machining, driven by our simulator, show a practical way to extend the digital thread into existing machining environments.
  • AP238 (STEP-NC) is being actively used in production!
  • The third edition of STEP file format (Part 21) was published by ISO, opening new possibilities for links between engineering models just like links between web pages.
  • Semantic tolerances from AP242 underwent much testing in 2016 and are greatly improving manufacturing and inspection.
  • The digital thread is moving into additive manufacturing, with new setup models underway in AP242e2 and tests of additive process in AP238.

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New Year

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