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ST-Developer 16

Use ST-Developer to build translators and solutions for STEP, STEP-NC, or IFC, and let our trained support staff guide you through the complexities of digital manufacturing data!

National Simulation Service

  • This DARPA-sponsored project is building standards-based interfaces for intelligent model-based manufacturing data, manufacturing simulation services, and a rich web interface for widespread deployment.
  • STEP and STEP-NC Web Demonstrations

CAM Data Exchange Forum

Expertise and Services

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STEP-NC Machine 11

Use STEP-NC Machine to manage manufacturing models, share them with your supply chain using the National Simulation Service, and use ST-Developer to create your own services.

The STEP-NC Standard defines fully associative information for next-generation digital manufacturing.

  • Download Demo — version see what's new
  • Now 64bit for large models
  • ISO 13399 Tool Assembly
  • Machining Kinematics
  • Everyone can now generate G-codes — license key no longer required!
  • New Plugin architecture for custom CNC status feedback!