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STEP-Manufacturing Email List
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Meeting Minutes Files Date
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD Minutes Slides June, 2010
Renton, WA Minutes (ppt) --------- May, 2009
Hartford, CT Minutes Slides(web) October, 2008
Sandviken, Sweden Minutes (.rtf) Slides (35 MB .zip) March, 2008
Dallas, TX --------- Slides (43 MB .zip) November, 2007
Ibusuki, Japan Minutes (.ppt) Plenery (1 MB .zip)
Inspection Planning (3 MB .zip)
Machining demos (130 MB .zip)
Plate Cutting (2 MB .zip)
Traceability (<1 MB .zip)
July, 2007
Funchal, Portugal Minutes (.doc) Slides (26 MB .zip) March, 2007
Hershey, PA, US Minutes (.txt) Slides (27 MB .zip) October, 2006
Toulouse, France Minutes (.ppt) Slides (9 MB .zip) June, 2006
Vico Equense, Italy --------- Slides (6.5 MB .zip) February, 2006
Hong Zhu, China --------- Slides (9 MB .zip) October, 2005
Valencia, Spain --------- Slides (19.5 MB .zip) June, 2005
Seattle, US Minutes(.doc) Slides (1.2 MB .zip) October, 2004
Lean Mfg. Workshop --------- Slides (40 MB .zip)
Bath, UK Minutes(.txt) Slides (7 MB .zip) July, 2004
Poitiers, France --------- Slides (10 MB .zip) October, 2003
Stuttgart, Germany Minutes (.doc) Slides (4.04 MB .zip) June, 2003
San Diego, CA Minutes (.doc) Slides (9.64 MB .zip) March, 2003
Seoul, Korea Minutes (.doc) Slides (478 kb .zip) November, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden Minutes (.txt) Slides (5.37 MB .zip) July, 2002
Myrtle Beach, SC Minutes (.txt) Slides (11 MB .zip) February, 2002
Fukuoka, Japan Minutes (.ppt) Slides (5 MB .zip) October, 2001
San Francisco, CA Minutes (.ppt) Slides (11.8 MB .zip) June, 2001
Funchal, Portugal Minutes (.html) Slides (3.62 MB .zip) February, 2001

STEP-Manufacturing is one of the teams meeting under Working Group 3 of ISO TC184/SC4 to define integrated information models for product data. The team meets three times a year at locations in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

STEP-Manufacturing develops models to make manufacturing more efficient. This may include models of product and process data, models of manufacturing resource data and models of manufacturing control data.

The typical client application for a STEP-Manufacturing information model is either a CAM or process planning application that develops data to be used by manufacturing, or a CNC application that uses data to control a manufacturing application. The most important functionality enabled by STEP-Manufacturing is more efficient data exchange between CAM systems and CNC controllers.

Many of the models developed by STEP Manufacturing were originally developed by external teams of domain experts. The members of STEP-Manufacturing integrate these models into the STEP Integrated Resources so that they can share data with the other STEP-Manufacturing models and the models developed by the other STEP application domains.

Currently active projects reporting to STEP-Manufacturing include:

  • The ISO 13399 project to develop models for tooling data
  • The ISO 14649 project to develop models for manufacturing control including milling, drilling, turning and contouring
  • The AP-224 project to develop models of manufacturing features
  • The AP-219 project to develop models of inspection planning and result data
  • The AP-223 project to develop models of castings
  • The AP-229 project to develop models of forgings
  • The AP-240 project to develop models of high level process planning data
  • The AP-238 project to develop an integrated model for CNC control