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IMTS 2018 machining on DMG DMC 125 FD duoBlock with digital twin in
continuous coordination via MTConnect and live STEP-NC material removal

File: Airbus_Fishhead_September_8_Fixture_G.stpnc
Size: 27mb, 214k instances
AP238 file, STEP-NC DLL
File Created:  2018-09-08
Image Created: 2018-09-08

Five-axis machining process for fishhead test part on tilted rotary fixture
with two mounting points.  Assembled into an AP238 data set via the STEP-NC
DLL using machining process data from Catia, inspection process from STEP-NC
Machine Desktop, and AP242 product geometry from Catia, NX, and other

66 product models and assembly components for workpiece, rawpiece, fixtures,
in-process shape, and tool assemblies, 45 semantic tolerances. 93 machining
operations and 289 inspection operations.  Color and presentation tolerance