STEP Tools, Inc. Participates in Major Shipbuilding Industry Briefing Hosted by the Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium (ISEC)

STEP Tools Demonstrates STEP Data Translators at ISEC event on April 10, 2003, at Electric Boat, Washington, D. C.

Troy, New York - April 7, 2003 - STEP Tools, Inc. announced today it will participate in a milestone Industry Briefing hosted by the Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium (ISEC). The event will be held at the Electric Boat Washington Engineering Office (EB-WEO) on April 10, 2003. The ISE project was a three-year project led by Electric Boat and Northrup Grumman Newport News. The team consists of major shipbuilders, including NG-SS Ingalls, Bath Iron Works, NG-SS Avondale, NASSCO, and Kverner, as well as CAD vendors and systems integrators, including Intergraph, NIIIP/IBM, STEP Tools, Inc. and others.

From 9am to noon, the ISE team will hold their Year Three Demonstration and a full technical briefing of the results of the NSRP- and industry-funded ISE project. The ISE team has developed and deployed an interoperability infrastructure and toolset that supports the integration of shipbuilding system technologies through the synthesis of STEP product data standards and Web technologies. The demonstration will show data exchange and application systems integration for the design, analysis, manufacture and disclosure of a real (but unclassified) Navy ship. STEP Tools is a member of this consortium, and will demonstrate STEP/CATIA translators developed by the company for this project.

From 1pm to 2:30pm, the ISE team will hold an executive summary of the morning presentation and demonstration. They will describe how the ISE toolset integrates the engineering product data from the major CAD platforms used by the U.S. shipbuilding industry, including Intergraph, Foran, Tribon, and CATIA.

Over the past three years, STEP Tools has also spearheaded the high profile NSRP-ASE Harvest Project along with partners General Dynamics Electric Boat (Groton, CT) and Product Data Corporation. This project will enable the shipbuilding industry to "harvest" the extensive development effort put into STEP application protocols specific to the industry, and use them to measurably improve the manufacturing efficiency of shipyards in the United States.