Delcam Launches PS-Exchange, A Downloable Free Data Translation Service with STEP Support

Troy, New York-May 19, 2000-STEP Tools, Inc., the forerunner in developing STEP-integration software toolsets for the global marketplace, today announced Delcam plc (Birmingham, UK) has introduced their unique PS-Exchange product, which includes a STEP (Standard for Product Data Exchange) data translator and other proprietary data formats. This free, downloadable data exchange solution offers two key advantages over online translation--speed and security--due to its IADA (Internet Authenticated Desktop Application) technology. Delcam purchased one of STEP Tools' solutions to accelerate the development of in-house STEP-enabled applications. Bart Simpson, International Marketing Manager of Delcam, states, "Our Delcam programmers utilized ST-Developer to help build PS-Exchange. Due to STEP Tools' support of a variety of standard application protocols, our development team was able to quickly define the STEP interface for this revolutionary new product. PS-Exchange will solve security and performance issues for any manufacturer."

Delcam's PS-Exchange does not require the CAD model to be sent via the Internet for translation. The PS-Exchange translation software is stored on the user's own computer. To use the IADA service, the user obtains an authorization code in seconds from Delcam's web server. This method dramatically speeds the process and eliminates the chance that sensitive information would intercepted or emailed to an incorrect address. To test-drive the new service and the popular STEP data format, simply download PS-Exchange software from the Delcam Web Site - www.delcam.com - and register your participation.