STEP Tools Repository at CTS '99

STEP Tools, Inc. To Debut STEP Database Management Toolset at Computer Technology Show 99 in Detroit.

STEP Data Access Empowered Through Online Translation and Visualization Engine

Troy, New York - June 1, 1999 - STEP Tools, Inc., the forerunner in developing STEP integration for the global marketplace, announced today it will debut the first release of its powerful STEP Database Management Toolset, at the Computer Technology Show 99 (formerly known as Autofact) in booth #2706, Cobo Hall (Detroit, MI) from September 14-16, 1999. STEP Tools' integrated suite of tools and libraries covers every aspect of STEP implementation and drastically minimizes the effort needed to move applications and databases into compliance with ISO 10303 STEP (Standard for Product Data Exchange) and other standards that use EXPRESS information models.

With over one million end-users of STEP translators and the STEP file format, this widely-used standard represents and reliably transports 3D model content created worldwide. In response to its international popularity, the STEP Repository is a server application developed to manage the growing number of STEP product databases inside mid-sized to large corporations who have ISO 10303 standardization. The program's Open Server allows a company to add and customize their own tools and services. The STEP Repository data management toolset can also operate in concert with popular PDM (Product Data Management) systems. Enterprise programming with EXPRESS-X and Java Beans make it easy to create views and manipulate business objects based upon the product data.

Visualization is the driving force of STEP Repository. The program's online translation and visualization engine allows the contents of the product data repository to be readily shared via a company's Intranet or supply chain. The STEP Repository provides enterprise-wide accessibility to three-dimensional engineering information in several ways. Both engineers and business computer users inside a firm will be able to view STEP models via an interactive 3D visualization tool that displays STEP solid and wireframe models.

With the STEP Tools On-line Data Translator, clients can utilize these World Wide Web services for sharing product data with internal and external customers and suppliers. End users will be able to translate and observe virtually any CAD model in any file format such as VRML, STL, and XT.

The STEP Repository solution provides the means to organize files for quick access with a programming interface that also allows a company to perform data management tasks such as displaying a bill of materials or examining assembly trees. This new level of access to STEP data will dramatically increase a company's return on investment in their CAD/CAM/CAE systems.