Martin Hardwick

Python Digital Twin Manufacturing

Python Powered

Announcing the STEP Python Interface, the faster way to program manufacturing solutions. The STEP Python interface reads CAD data, as defined by STEP, and makes digital twin as defined by ISO 23247. Everyone knows how much faster it is to make additive parts, but the same kind of acceleration can be realized for other kinds of manufacturing. Programming a third-party manufacturing system takes too much time and effort. A clever algorithm knows about the rules of your enterprise, and learns how to:

  • Ensure all the engineering requirements are being checked and met
  • Adjust to the non-availability of resources such as robots, cutters and fasteners
  • Build measurable digital twins of your products in real time for enhanced quality control

The STEP Python interface is now available at no cost on the Python Package Index (PyPI) for simple install with pip on Windows, Linux, or Mac machines.