Dave Loffredo

Version 18 Software Released!

The eighteenth version of the STEP Tools® development stack is core technology for STEP CAD applications, particularly with the Second Edition of AP242, BIM applications that use IFC and CIS/2, and Digital Thread Manufacturing applications built around STEP-NC, MTConnect, and QIF. Our most capable software ever now has:

  • AP242e2 and AP238e2 with 235 new STEP entities for PMI, new geometry, and additive manufacturing, bringing the total to 2138 definitions available to applications.
  • IFC4x1 with 25 new IFC entities, plus more IFC 2x3 migration, bringing the total to 803 definitions available to applications.
  • Testing with very large (+4GB) STEP and IFC files, and 64bit checkers to browse and verify these large data sets.
  • Core improvements to support even more C++ classes for the next wave of new definitions.
  • Over 30 library options for the latest C++ compilers, link modes, and platforms, plus new development opportunities with APIs for Node and .NET.

The STEP Libraries have the latest AP242e2 DIS definitions for new Additive Manufacturing setup, semantic PMI updates, and other new applications. The STEP faceter is stronger and faster, can create AP242 tesselated models, STL, or XML for lightweight viewing. APIs for geometric tolerances provide a full range of functions for working with datums, common datums, datum modifiers, and tolerance modifiers. Our STEP checkers continue to validatate data sets, and can browse very large file sizes, particularly on Windows with 64bit executables.

Additive Setup

AP242e2 Additive Mfg. Setup with Support Material, Build Plate, and Different Part Orientations

The IFC BIM Libraries support the latest IFC4x1 model which adds the following new entities for infrastructure alignment. We continue to handle IFC4, the various Addendums, and IFC2x3 files and have added some significant new capabilities for automatic migration of data. The IFC Faceter Library handles IFC extruded solids, shell-based surface models, and resolves color styles that appear in the IFC data, plus the meshes now link back to original IFC faces for better tracing. The IFC checker continues to validate and support very large files.

All users recieve core libraries including a C++ API that reads and writes Part 21 and XML files, manages data in memory, and provides common engineering math capabilities. Built on top of this are the newest simulation and high-level APIs along with .NET and Javascript client-server interfaces that are bringing Digital Manufacturing into production.

Software Stack

The STEP Tools® Software Stack

Customers increasingly demand standardized interfaces for their CAD, CAM and BIM systems. Adding a STEP, BIM or STEP-NC interface to your system increases your value by allowing your customers to read and write the data of their supply chains. ST-Developer is the most mature and widely used product for building these interfaces. Our libraries have been tested in multiple CAD, CAM and BIM systems and our knowledge of the requirements of the standards is unmatched across the industry.

Whatever your goal, we provide the tools that you can rely on to reach it.

Contact us to discuss how we can apply this stack to a software solution for your specific needs!