Dave Loffredo

Sneak Peek of Digital Twin at DMDII

On July 12, 2017, we will demonstrate integrated machining and measurement using digital twins. The video below shows a sneak peek. We were testing the DT1 (Digital Twin One) software product on a Siemens 840D SL and Hyundai Wia mill at the DMDII on June 16, 2017.

In this footage, the machine is air milling, and we use the twin to show what will be machined. The twin is reading live feedback from the Siemens control every 4ms, and showing the output using a web browser on the HMI.

In the upcoming demonstration, we will machine the part and measure it. The twin server will read results from a Rennishaw probe and use MTConnect to send them to a metrology server provided by Mitutoyo. The new demonstration builds upon the digital twin capabilities that we have already shown.