Our Charter

Provide an open forum to discuss implementation concerns and lessons learned about all aspects of PDE (product data exchange) standards. Special emphasis is placed on implementation problems that are independent of specific product modeling/ description systems.

The committee evaluates technical problems that interfere with the implementation of the standards and proposes solutions via the approved change processes. In the event that a major problem is identified, this committee will propose temporary recommended practices, provide feedback to the appropriate technical committee or recommend the issue to appropriate technical committees for disposition.

The committee is concerned with the enhancement of data interchange standards to incorporate capabilities being added to current product modeling systems. It also serves as a body of experts when other committees need information on specific product modeling/ description systems and maintains relationships with all SC4 technical committees, industry consortia organizations and other standards committees as appropriate.

Further, while this committee encourages dissemination of information on appropriate products and toolkits, it shall not allow marketing and advertising of products or product comparisons.


For more information, please send an e-mail to Martin Hardwick