Next-Generation Semantic Machining

STEP-NC Machine uses a new ISO standard to create machining programs that can be shared between many organizations and reused on many different machines.

With STEP-NC Machine you can modify these new programs to meet the requirements of different machines and production schedules. For example you can tailor speeds and feeds to minimize tool wear or maximize throughput.

With STEP-NC Machine, you can simulate the execution of a STEP-NC program on a new machine to make sure it will execute correctly using your tooling and fixturing.

STEP-NC Machine uses the new ISO standard to integrate CAD design requirement data with CAM process data so you can:

  • See machine programs in context with the raw and finished part.
  • Assemble STEP-NC machine programs from many sources.
  • Exchange machine programs across organizations or machines.
  • Simulate cutting motion with machine tool models.
  • Adapt programs to match machine, tool, and production constraints.
  • Execute STEP-NC programs on your machine tool control.

Download STEP-NC Machine and create your own STEP-NC machining programs, or participate in the next round of international testing to see how the STEP-NC ISO standard enables machining using product geometry, tolerances, drawing annotations, tool parameters, and more.

Become a Machining or Development Partner to run STEP-NC programs on your machines, integrate the new standard into your manufacturing systems, or license STEP-NC Machine software for use in CAD, CAM, and CNC systems.