"Moldy" Mold Part

This is a mold part that was manufactured for the Renton and Bath demonstrations. A digitally signed version of this file is also included with the STEP-NC Machine download.

The STEP-NC data includes geometry for starting piece, final piece, and tools, toolpaths for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing, drilling and reaming, tool parameters, as well as tolerance and datum annotations imported from AP203e2. The tolerance and datum annotations on this part are shown in the image to the right, and are present on the workpiece, rawpiece, and tools.

The data below is the latest that was shown in live titanium machining demonstrations at IMTS 2014 and used for CAM Exchange testing between Boeing, Sandvik and ISCAR. It has three alternate process plans for profiling and pocketing of the part, so you can select different options when driving a machine tool.

Older Versions

The data sets below are older versions of the Moldy part used for the Renton machining demonstrations. They contain three and five axis plans, as well as versions for both english and metric tooling.