"Boxy" Gear Box Part

This gear box part was originally developed by KTH and was enhanced and manufactured by the STEP-NC Machine Development Partners during the Renton testing round in October 2010. It was also used during the earlier NIST and Bath testing rounds. A digitally signed version of this file is also included with the STEP-NC Machine download.

Boxy is designed to exercise setup compensation and multiple setups. The file contains sets of alternative workingsteps for doing operations with different tools, as well as a full selection of in-process models for the results of each operation and the delta volumes. Below is the latest version.

2016-01-08 - Updated the five axis version to include the latest STEP-NC capabilities. This will be used for a 5-axis MTConnect machining and measurement demonstration in October 2016.

Earlier Versions

This files below were created for earlier testing rounds. Renton file was designed for seven setups on a three-axis machine. The work coordinates are set so that they align with a known corner of the material. The NIST is a seven setups, three-axis program similar to the Renton file, but without any setup compensation. The Bath files are three different versions with setups designed for three, four, or five axis machining.