Original WebGL Demonstrations

These examples show early WebGL viewing of STEP assemblies that we built around 2012 for the DARPA-sponsored National Simulation Service. The STEP data was converted to static XML data and displayed with a very simple JavaScript WebGL client that does not use any frameworks.

Look at our digital thread work for the latest capabilities. Our latest digital thread server is a dynamic server that produces smaller JSON on the fly, allows greater interaction with the STEP data, and uses modern responsive frameworks for better display on mobile.

RC Car Sample

RC Car model data created by Vanderbilt University's META-X tools. This is a large data set, and includes some complex geometry. (the STEP data is over 100MB) so some components may take a while to load.

Cutting Tool Assemblies

Some tool assemblies containing an ISCAR cutter and a Sandvik holder. These were used in the 2012 Machining Accuracy Demonstration at KTH in Stockholm. These also show some presentation PMI annotation on the model.

Two Cycle Engine

A two-cycle engine model with wonderful internal detail made by Tom Kirkup and available from his GrabCAD page. Saved views showing some of the detail in the model.