Dr. David Loffredo
Vice President of Product Development

Dr. David Loffredo is a co-founder of STEP Tools, Inc. and serves as Vice President of Product Development. Dr. Loffredo has been developing engineering software that supports the ISO 10303 STEP standard since 1988. He is editor of the AP-238 integrated STEP-NC model and is also Convener of ISO TC184/SC4 Working Group 11, which develops the STEP implementation methods. He has contributed to the harmonization of STEP GD&T efforts, design of the STEP file exchange format, STEP Data Access Interface (SDAI) functional specification, as well as the SDAI C, C++, and Java programming language bindings.

Principal investigator for the National Simulation Service DARPA Phase I & II SBIR (2010-2016), which built the core of STEP Tools' current digital thread solutions. Also Principal investigator for the Web Smart Modeling Environment Navy Phase II SBIR (2001-2003), which adapted STEP-NC for CNC plate cutting in shipbuilding applications, with special attention to work-sharing between shipyards on the DD(X) next-generation destroyer.

In addition to supervising fifteen major releases of the STEP Tools technology stack, he has developed core libraries for managing STEP CAD design data, as well as libraries for validating and driving CNC controls from STEP-NC machining programs.

He has authored technical papers, articles, and training courses on EXPRESS information modeling, the STEP, STEP-NC, and CIS/2 standards, as well as other topics related to product data exchange and engineering database systems.


Dr. Loffredo received PhD and Master of Science degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in both Physics and Computer Science from the State University of New York.

Selected Publications

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