The first edition of AP238 is formally known as STEP Part 238: Application Protocol for Computerized Numerical Controllers, commonly referred to as STEP-NC. The standard was published in 2007 as ISO 10303-238:2007(E).

This was replaced by the second edition in 2020, and the third edition in 2022.

Programming Notes

The AP238 first edition schema is identified by the StplibSchemaType stplib_schema_ap238 enum. The schema name was for the second and subsequent editions is different and identified by the stplib_schema_ap238e2 enum.

RoseDesign * d;

// first edition schema name "INTEGRATED_CNC_SCHEMA"
stplib_put_schema (d, stplib_schema_ap238);

switch (stplib_get_schema(d)) {
case stplib_schema_ap238:
    // ap238 first edition