AP214 is STEP Part 214: Application Protocol for Core Data for Automotive Mechanical Design Processes. The standard was first published in 2001, replaced by a second edition in 2003, and a third edition published in 2010 as ISO 10303-214:2010(E). The third edition was withdrawn once AP242 was published in 2014.

Programming Notes

The AP214 schema is the same for all versions and is identified by the StplibSchemaType stplib_schema_ap214 enum.

RoseDesign * d;

stplib_put_schema (d, stplib_schema_ap214);

switch (stplib_get_schema(d)) {
case stplib_schema_ap214:
    // ap214 all editions

When writing new files as AP214, we append the third edition ASN/1 version identifier to the schema name. You can examine the original schema name string found in the STEP Part 21 file with stplib_get_schema_name() or change it with stplib_put_schema_name()

 { 1 0 10303 214 1 1 1 }   ASN/1 for first edition
 { 1 0 10303 214 2 1 1 }   ASN/1 for second edition
 { 1 0 10303 214 3 1 1 }   ASN/1 for third edition

The following schema names have also been seen in data and are recognized as the stplib_schema_ap214 enum, but should not be used for new data.

Seen in some old Pro-Engineer data from 1997. Probably something that escaped from CAXIF testing.