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Build A Round Hole Feature

The ROUNDHOLE sample program demonstrates how to create a STEP round hole feature. This program builds a sample product and then attaches a round hole feature to it. The program just creates the parametric description for the feature (circular profile swept along a linear path) and gives it a flat bottom condition.

We do not have any CAD geometry in this example, but the code also shows how to associate a feature with advanced_face instances on the product geometry.

"roundhole_out.stp" contains the sample output from this program.

This program creates the data set and saves it as a STEP Part 21 file called "output_file.stp". This is a text file, so you can look at it with a text editor or the STEP Part 21 file browser to see how the information is represented.

This sample program is available for the STEP Application protocols with feature definitions: AP219, AP224, AP238, and AP240.