Status messages, errors, and warnings issued by the ROSE library are handled by the RoseErrorReporter class. By default, these are printed to the console, but you can provide your own custom code. or use the ST-Developer Message Window to view messages in a separate dialog.

There is only one reporter object, given by the ROSE.error_reporter() function.

Each message is described by a RoseError struct, with a severity, numeric code, and descriptive text. The RoseErrorContext class holds thresholds that control the display of messages, and can also hold a table of RoseError messages for lookup by numeric code. The rose_ec() context holds predefined errors for ROSE library functions, and the rose_io_ec() context holds predefined errors for STEP file parsing.

Messages are normally printed as they occur, but the RoseErrorStats class can save counts and other information for summary display. Applications can also use the RoseErrorTrace class to give additional trace information like file names or line numbers.

Turning All Messages On/Off

The ROSE library prints informational messages as it reads and writes files, loads schemas, and matches EXPRESS types to C++ types. For example, the following banner is printed whenever ROSE library is first initialized:

System Release v20

Copyright (c) 1991-2023 by STEP Tools Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Each message has a RoseStatus severity value. Informational messages have the lowest severity (ROSE_OK = 0) while warnings and errors have progressively severities. You can turn off informational messages by setting the report_threshold() to a higher value or by using the ROSE.quiet() shortcut. For example:

// No info messages, only print warnings and errors
ROSE.error_reporter-> report_threshold (ROSE_STATUS_WARNING);
ROSE.quiet(1); // does the same thing 

// Show everything, including info messages
ROSE.error_reporter-> report_threshold (ROSE_OK);
ROSE.quiet(0); // does the same thing 

Messages are normally printed to to stdout, but you can use RoseErrorReporter::error_file() to send messages to a different file handle. If you want greater control, you can provide a RoseErrorReporter::report_fn() hook function to display the message . The following example formats a message and displays it in a Windows dialog box.

void report_in_a_box(
    RoseErrorReporter * rpt, 
    RoseErrorContext * cx, 
    const RoseError * err, 
    va_list ap
    RoseStringObject msg;

    rose_error_format_sprintf (msg, rpt, cx, err, ap);

    CWnd * cw = AfxGetMainWnd();
    HWND mw = NULL;
    if (cw) mw = cw->m_hWnd; 

    MessageBox (mw, msg.as_const(), "WARNING", MB_ICONSTOP);

// set the hook function
ROSE.error_reporter()-> report_fn (report_in_a_box);

Turning Individual Messages On/Off

You can turn the reporting of individual messages off and on by calling the RoseErrorContext disable() and enable() functions and passing in one of the predefined error codes.

For general errors, call the functions on the rose_ec() context.

// avoid the warning about typecasting failures

[ ... your code here ... ]


For file I/O errors, call the functions on the rose_io_ec() context.

// avoid the warning about extra fields 

[ ... your code here ... ]


Reporting Messages

An application can define its own messages using an RoseErrorContext or use the ad-hoc message(), warning(), error(), and fatal() functions as shown below. A trailing newline is added automatically by the functions.

You can also give the error reporter a RoseErrorTrace object to add trace information like file names or line numbers to your messages.

ROSE.warning (Could not open file %s., filename);
rose_ec()-> warning (Could not open file %s., filename);

ROSE.error (Out of memory!);
rose_ec()-> error (Out of memory!);

ROSE.report (ROSE_EC_NO_DESIGN, designname);
rose_ec()-> report (ROSE_EC_NO_DESIGN, designname);

The RoseErrorReporter::status() function tracks the maximum severity of all issues reported. You can also give the error reporter a RoseErrorStats object to collect fine-grained information about the errors and warnings that are seen.

ST-Developer Message Window

ST-Developer for Windows contains the rose_logwin extension to display messages from GUI applications using a window to hold a cumulative messages log. The messages can be cleared, copied, and saved, and the window can be dismissed when not needed.

The the rose_logwin extension provides its own Windows message pump in a dedicated thread, and can be used by any type of ROSE C++ application: MFC, raw Windows API, or even a console application. The screendump below shows the message window and some diagnostic messages from a sample application.

ST-Developer Message Window
ST-Developer Message Window

To use this, link against the rose_logwin.lib library, include the rose_logwin.h file, then call rose_logwin_init() at the start of your program to register the message window with the ROSE library.

After this call, all ROSE messages are redirected to the window. No other changes are required. Calling rose_logwin_wait() at the end of your program will block until the user dismisses the message box. This gives the user a chance to view the messages, particularly in short-lived programs.

The following example shows how to initialize the message window

#include <rose.h>
#include <rose_logwin.h>

int main (int argc, char ** argv) 
    /* your code */

The roselog DLL must be in your path for the log window to appear. It is installed in the ST-Developer bin directory, which should be in your path. If the DLL cannot be found, rose_logwin_init() will return zero and use the default error handling.

General Errors

These are the issues and messages reported during general ROSE library operations. The RoseError structures for these are kept by the rose_ec() context. The preprocessor defines for these codes are prefixed with ROSE_EC and are defined in rose_errors.h.

Error Code Severity Message String Comments
ROSE_EC_ACTIVATE_IN_READ error activate() called while design being read.
ROSE_EC_BAD_ALIAS warning Cannot find longname '%s' in schema %s.
ROSE_EC_BAD_ALIASFILE warning Unable to open short name file: %s.
ROSE_EC_BAD_ALIAS_SYNTAX warning Short name syntax error %s:%d.
ROSE_EC_BAD_ATT warning Attribute %s.%s not found.
ROSE_EC_BAD_ATT_DOM warning Attribute %s.%s not in domain %s.
ROSE_EC_BAD_BINCHAR warning Bad hex character '%c' for binary value. Using '0'.
ROSE_EC_BAD_BINSTART warning Bad first character '%c' for binary value. Expecting 0-3.
ROSE_EC_BAD_CLASS warning Class %s not found.
ROSE_EC_BAD_DOMAIN warning Domain %s not found.
ROSE_EC_BAD_HASH error Could not find hash insertion point.
ROSE_EC_BAD_NODETYPE error Unknown RoseNodeType %d found.
ROSE_EC_BAD_OBJ_CAST warning Cannot typecast %s object to %s
ROSE_EC_BAD_SCHEMA warning Schema %s not found.
ROSE_EC_BEST_FIT info %s.%s: Best-fit class is "%s".
ROSE_EC_BEST_FIT_MANY info %s.%s: Several possible best-fit classes.
ROSE_EC_BEST_FIT_NODETYPE warning %s.%s: Will best-fit, I/O type mismatch.
ROSE_EC_BEST_FIT_NONE warning %s.%s: No best-fit class available.
ROSE_EC_BOUNDS_VIOLATION error Bounds violation ... index(%d) >= size(%d)
ROSE_EC_COPY_DSTBAD warning copy() destination not a supertype of source
ROSE_EC_DICT_BAD_LISTS error Dictionary lists are not the same size
ROSE_EC_DICT_BAD_VALUE warning Value is not allowed in dictionary
ROSE_EC_DOMAIN_ACTIVE error Domain '%s' is active.
ROSE_EC_DOMAIN_INACTIVE error Domain '%s' is not active.
ROSE_EC_DOMAIN_INITFAIL error Failed to initialize domain '%s'.
ROSE_EC_DOMAIN_PRIM error Domain '%s' is a primitive type.
ROSE_EC_EXTRA_OBJECTS warning Design contains extra '%s' objects.
ROSE_EC_FOREIGN_SECTION warning %s: Section is from a different design, ignored.
ROSE_EC_FREAKY_ENUM error Found enum of size (%d). Expected: %d %d or %d
ROSE_EC_FREAKY_PRIM error Found primitive value of size (%d). Expected: %d %d or %d
ROSE_EC_GEN_DOMAIN warning Generating domain %s - %s.
ROSE_EC_GEN_DUP_SCHEMA warning Generating schema - ignoring schema '%s' is in search path.
ROSE_EC_GEN_NULL_SCHEMA warning Generating schema - schema name must not be null.
ROSE_EC_GEN_SCHEMA warning Generating schema - creating schema '%s'.
ROSE_EC_INVALID_METHOD error %s: Invalid method on '%s' object.
ROSE_EC_IN_MEMORY warning Design %s is already in memory
ROSE_EC_MUST_OVERRIDE error %s::%s: Function must be overridden.
ROSE_EC_MUTATE_ATTDIFF warning mutate() '%s' attributes have different types, ignoring.
ROSE_EC_MUTATE_NONENT error mutate() with non-ENTITY types (%s / %s)
ROSE_EC_MUTATE_NP error mutate() on non-persistent object
ROSE_EC_NESTED_TRAVERSAL error Traversal in progress, nested traversals not allowed.
ROSE_EC_NO_AGGATT error Aggregate class '%s' has no attribute
ROSE_EC_NO_ATT warning %s: No attribute specified.
ROSE_EC_NO_ATTFORADDR error getAttribute: Domain '%s' has no attribute at offset %d.
ROSE_EC_NO_ATT_DOMAIN error Attribute %s.%s has no domain
ROSE_EC_NO_CLASS_DOMAIN error Class '%s' has no domain
ROSE_EC_NO_COPY_CTOR warning No copy ctors for 'best-fit' classes. '%s' copied as a '%s'.
ROSE_EC_NO_CTOR error Class '%s' has no creator function.
ROSE_EC_NO_DESIGN warning Problems reading design '%s'
ROSE_EC_NO_FORMAT warning Format '%s' is not recognized.
ROSE_EC_NO_HANDLER warning No handler for file extension '%s'
ROSE_EC_NO_KEYSTONE_OID warning No OID for built-in type '%s'
ROSE_EC_NO_PROTO error Class '%s' has no prototype.
ROSE_EC_NP_EXTREF warning Unable to resolve external in non-persistent object.
ROSE_EC_NP_SLOTADDR error Non-persistent object, slotAddress of %s.%s not available
ROSE_EC_OBJSUB_TOODEEP warning Object forwarding too deep
ROSE_EC_OID_BOOT error Problems creating ROSE oid index.
ROSE_EC_OID_EXISTS error Object with OID already exists in design '%s'.
ROSE_EC_OID_FAILED error Could not generate unique OID.
ROSE_EC_PAD_EMPTY_BIN error Empty binary with nonzero pad '%c'
ROSE_EC_PNEW_TOO_DEEP fatal New operator nesting too deep (%d levels)
ROSE_EC_READING_ALIASFILE info Reading short-name alias file: %s
ROSE_EC_ROSE_NOT_SET info Using built-in schemas, no runtime schema path.
ROSE_EC_RTP_AFTER_BOOT error RoseTypePtrs cannot be created after ROSE is initialized.
ROSE_EC_RTP_ON_HEAP fatal RoseTypePtrs must be statically created.
ROSE_EC_SELF_CYCLIC fatal Design %s is part of cyclic dependency
ROSE_EC_SELF_SCHEMA fatal Design %s has itself as it's own schema.
ROSE_EC_SET_EXTREF warning Unable to put unresolved external reference.
ROSE_EC_TRASH_SCHEMA warning Schema designs can not be put in the trash
ROSE_EC_USEDIN_INTRAV error usedin() in begin/end traversal requires backpointers
ROSE_EC_USEDIN_NONENT error usedin() search for non-ENTITY type (%s)
ROSE_EC_USEDIN_NOPATTERN error usedin() search pattern object missing
ROSE_EC_WRONG_ATT warning RoseUnion attribute is %s (requested %s)

File I/O Errors

These are the issues and messages reported during Part 21 file reading and writing. The RoseError structures for these are kept by the rose_io_ec() context. This context also keeps a different reporting threshold so that file messages can be controlled separately. The preprocessor defines for these codes are prefixed with ROSE_IO and are defined in rose_errors.h.

Error Code Severity Message String Comments
ROSE_IO_BAD_AGGR_DELIM error Unknown delimiter after element %d in attribute %s
ROSE_IO_BAD_ALIAS warning Unknown type '%s' (short name for '%s'), ignored entity.
ROSE_IO_BAD_DELIM error Unknown delimiter after attribute '%s' (field %d).
ROSE_IO_BAD_DOMAIN warning Unknown type '%s', entity ignored.
ROSE_IO_BAD_ENTITY error Could not read entity definition, ignored.
ROSE_IO_BAD_ENTREF error Reference to #%lu is %s, not compatible with %s.
ROSE_IO_BAD_ENTREF_AT error Reference to #%lu on line %d is %s, not compatible with %s.
ROSE_IO_BAD_ENUM error Unknown enum '%s' for %s in attribute '%s'.
ROSE_IO_BAD_HEADER_ENTRY error Expecting header entry, found %s instead.
ROSE_IO_BAD_IMP_LEVEL error Urecognized implementation level '%s'
ROSE_IO_BAD_REFERENCE error Reference index can not handle object of type '%s' (nodetype=%d)
ROSE_IO_BAD_SCHEMA warning Could not find schema '%s'.
ROSE_IO_BAD_SELECT_VALTYPE error Could not determine type of select value.
ROSE_IO_BAD_TYPE_ATTLIST error Bad attribute list for %s.
ROSE_IO_BAD_TYPE_FOR_AGGR warning Type '%s' not allowed in aggregate '%s'.
ROSE_IO_BAD_TYPE_FOR_ATT warning Type '%s' not allowed for attribute '%s' (type '%s').
ROSE_IO_BAD_TYPE_TOKEN error Problems reading %s in attribute '%s'.
ROSE_IO_BAD_XTERN_REF error Attribute %s of #%lu is an external reference. Writing as NULL.
ROSE_IO_CANT_TYPECAST error Object of type '%s': Problems casting '%s' value to '%s'.
ROSE_IO_COMPLEX_NOT_NEEDED warning Entity incorrectly written using an external mapping.
ROSE_IO_CONVERT_AGGR warning %s: Converting '%s' value to '%s'.
ROSE_IO_CONVERT_ATT warning Attribute '%s': Converting '%s' value to '%s'.
ROSE_IO_DESIGN_LOCKED error Design %s is locked, save aborted
ROSE_IO_DUPLICATE_EID warning Duplicate entity #%lu found, ignored.
ROSE_IO_EXPECTING error Expecting %s, found %s instead.
ROSE_IO_EXPECTING_2 error Expecting %s or %s, found %s instead.
ROSE_IO_EXPECTING_3 error Expecting %s, %s, or %s, found %s instead.
ROSE_IO_EXTRA_ENDSCOPE warning ENDSCOPE without matching &SCOPE.
ROSE_IO_EXTRA_KEYWORD error Unexpected keyword '%s' in attribute %s
ROSE_IO_EXTRA_OBJ warning More than one '%s' object found.
ROSE_IO_EXTRA_TYPE_QUALIFIER warning Unexpected type qualifier %s() in attribute %s, ignored.
ROSE_IO_FIELD_COUNT error Expecting %d attribute%s, found %d instead.
ROSE_IO_FILE_OPEN_FAILED error Unable to open file: %s
ROSE_IO_FILE_REMOVE_FAILED error Unable to remove file: %s
ROSE_IO_FILE_RENAME_FAILED error Unable to rename file: %s
ROSE_IO_FILE_SAVE_FAILED error Unable to save file: %s
ROSE_IO_FREAKY_ENUM error Found enum of size (%d). Expected: %d %d or %d
ROSE_IO_HEADER_ORDER warning Header section objects are incorrectly ordered.
ROSE_IO_MISSING_OBJ warning %s object missing.
ROSE_IO_NO_ANDOR warning No AND/OR domain for this combination of types, entity ignored.
ROSE_IO_NO_ATTRIBUTE error Attribute not specified
ROSE_IO_NO_ATT_LPAREN error Opening paren missing in attribute '%s'.
ROSE_IO_NO_ATT_RPAREN error Closing paren missing in attribute '%s'.
ROSE_IO_NO_ENUM_DOTS error '%s' should have enclosing dots in attribute '%s'
ROSE_IO_NO_EQUALS error Missing equal sign in entity definition.
ROSE_IO_NO_HEADER_SCHEMA warning Can not find header_section_schema in ST-Runtime
ROSE_IO_NO_KEYWORD error '%s' keyword missing.
ROSE_IO_NO_SCHEMAS warning No schemas, make sure compiled EXPRESS is present.
ROSE_IO_NO_SECTION_NAME warning Expecting a data section name
ROSE_IO_NO_SECTION_SCHEMAS warning Expecting a list of schemas
ROSE_IO_NO_START_PAREN error Could not find opening paren, entity ignored.
ROSE_IO_NO_TYPENAME warning Missing type name in external mapping.
ROSE_IO_QUALTYPE_MISMATCH error Type %s is inappropriate for select.
ROSE_IO_QUALTYPE_NOTFOUND error Unknown type %s
ROSE_IO_READ_MISMATCH warning Reading '(%s) %s.%s': Converting to '(%s) %s.%s'
ROSE_IO_TYPE_NOT_DERIVABLE warning SELECT type element for '%s' not found.
ROSE_IO_UD_ENTITY warning User-defined type '%s', entity ignored.
ROSE_IO_UNKNOWN_PRIMITIVE error Unknown primitive type '(%s) %s.%s' (%d)
ROSE_IO_WRITE_MISMATCH warning Writing '(%s) %s.%s': Converting to '(%s) %s.%s'