This describes an older ST-Developer release (2015). You can find the details for the latest release here

Service Pack 2 Overview — 2015-04-29

This release is the latest service pack with cumulative patches for ST-Developer v16 and new features to simplify work with CAD, CAM, and BIM data. Contact us at to get the latest updates.

IFC BIM Updates

IFC Faceter

We are adding a new IFC Faceter library that makes viewable meshes from IFC data, just like our STEP Faceter does for STEP. We have also improved the IFC BIM library to move between IFC2x3 and IFC4 with greater ease!

We are also working on a new .NET API for building IFC tools. It has the same power as our C++ API, but can be used directly from C# or Visual Basic. Contact us if you are a customer who wants early access for testing!

STEP Updates

AP242 Tesselated Model Saved from Mesh
Mesh created by STEP-NC Simulator

We continue to improve the STEP Faceter library with better AP242 handling, more geometry, and faster speed. We also have the latest definitions in our STEP CAD and STEP Manufacturing AP libraries!

General Updates

The core ST-Developer APIs are stronger after stress tests with thousands of the most abusive files that Microsoft and our corporate customers could make. We are also preparing for the future third edition of the STEP file format!

Service Pack History

The changes described above are cumulative to date. The details of earlier releases are archived below for historical reference.

The sub-package versions used in the current release are as follows:

Package		SP1	SP2
-------		---	---
ifcbim		v16.0	v16.2
ifcmesh		  - 	v16.3
roselib		v16.1	v16.2
stix		v16.1	v16.3
stixmesh	v16.9	v16.13
stpcad		v16.1	v16.5
stpman		v16.1	v16.5