The EXPRESS-G options tool expgsetopts is a command line utility for changing page and font information in an EXPRESS-G diagram.

Command Line

expgsetopts [options] <expg-file>

The EXPRESS-G options tool accepts the following:

Print this list of options. The tool performs no other action and ignores all other options.
-fontname <name>
Set the font for printing. In order for express2expg to properly layout the boxes for printing it needs to have a description of the font. So if you change this after generating the document, be prepared for your text not to fit in the boxes.
-fontsize <pt. size>
Set the font size for printing. The default is 7 pt text. This can be too small for some purposes, but is quite readable, and reproducible on a 300dpi Postscript printer. Boxes are sized when the document is laid out. If you change the font size it is quite possible that your boxes will no longer properly enclose the text.
-l / -landscape
Rotate the output 90 degrees on the page. This often results in using the longer dimension for the horizontal.
-p / -portrait
Rotate the output so that the long so that the longer dimension is vertical.
-pageheight <height-in-inches>
Set the size in inches of the height of the page. The default is 10.0". See -pagewidth for some usage notes.
-pagewidth <width-in-inches>
Set the size in inches of the width of the page. The default is 7.5". If you have a printer that takes larger paper you may wish to change this. You may need to leave a margin around the page where the printer is incapable of printing.
Give more information about the conversion process. It is useful for tracking the progress through large schemas.


The expgsetopts tool was originally intended to help migrate pre-v1.3 diagrams to the v1.4 release. When using the old package it was necessary to tell the tools what the page width, and height, and scaling factor to use at every invocation. With the new version this information is input once, when creating the EXPRESS-G file with express2expg. This tool is still useful for changing this information from the command line.

    % expgsetopts -pageheight 10 -pagewidth 7.5 \
           -fontname Courier -fontSize 7 part-42.exg