STEP Tools, Inc.'s EXPRESS to HTML Transation Service

Troy, New York, October 26, 1998 STEP Tools' new EXPRESS compiler has been installed on the Translation Service. The new compiler generates HTML pages that are comprehensively indexed to make it easy to browse an EXPRESS schema using a World Wide Web browser. The Translation Service is a set of resources that can be used to administer, translate and visualize STEP files.

STEP Tools has a demonstration area set up at: http://www.steptools.com/translate/

The following file translators are currently supported:

  • STEP AP 203 to ACIS/AutoCAD
  • ACIS/AutoCAD to STEP AP 203
  • STEP AP 203 to VRML
  • STEP AP 203 to STL
  • EXPRESS Syntax Checker
  • EXPRESS-X Syntax Checker
  • AP 203 Visualization tools for GIF, JPEG and VRML.
  • STEP to XML

A set of examples files are loaded into the service for those who do not have STEP files. (Select the option "use a file already on the server" in the prompt that asks for data.)

The translation service has been utilized by 1627 users year to date (1998).