STEP Tools, Inc. Wins Department of Commerce SBIR

Troy, New York, August 19, 1998 - STEP Tools, Inc., has won a Department of Commerce SBIR to develop "Software Tools for Process Specification and Exchange". This project will develop specifications and prototype implementation of software tools for facilitating the exchange of process-oriented data using the Process Specification Language (PSL). These tools will be based on the EXPRESS 2 and EXPRESS-X languages currently under development as part of the STEP data exchange standard. STEP Tools intends to exploit the key new features of these languages in order to support corresponding requirements in the PSL; namely, the dynamic modeling capabilities of EXPRESS 2, and the data mapping capabilities of EXPRESS-X. STEP Tools will also leverage the existing STEP standard framework by investigating the feasibility of extensions to the STEP implementation methods (file and programming API based exchange) and the EXPRESS-G language for graphical presentation of process exchange models.

This is the second SBIR awarded to STEP Tools, Inc., the first being an Air Force SBIR to develop "SESAME: A STEP Entry System for Small and Medium Suppliers".