The following characterize possible quality issues with STEP models. The stix_quality_analyze() function must be called first.

All definitions are in the stix_quality.h header file.


void stix_quality_analyze(
        RoseDesign * des

The stix_quality_analyze() function searches a RoseDesign for known quality issues that cannot be resolved in any other way. Currently, it looks for files generated by a CAM system in which the face senses are incorrect, resulting in bad topology, and the faces need to be drawn two-sided.


int stix_quality_bad_orientation(
        stp_representation_item * face

The stix_quality_bad_orientation function returns true if the shape representation has unusable orientation data. If this is true, the rendered shell will not be usable for geometric analysis, and if the part is visualized, it must be colored on both sides.