The STEP Standard - ISO 10303

AP242: Managed Model-Based 3D Engineering

STEP AP242 replaces AP203e2 and AP214 for CAD data. It was published in 2014 as ISO 10303-242:2014(E). A second edition is under development with new geometric capabilities and additive manufacturing setup information.

AP242 is the choice for CAD import/export. The EXPRESS schema below contains the schema definitions in AP242, AP203, AP214, AP238, and a few others. Shifting between versions can be automatically handled by STEP Tools libraries.

ARM: Concepts Diagram

AIM: Integrated Definitions Diagrams



STEP, the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data, is a comprehensive ISO standard (ISO 10303) that describes how to represent and exchange digital product information.

Part 21 Edition 3

Update to the STEP file format published by ISO in February 2016. This adds anchors and references between files as well as zipped files and UTF-8..