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Early voxel-based material removal simulation of the impeller test part
showing workingsteps, toolpaths, position, and cutting speed information.

File: impeller_alternate_1_cross_section_20080924.238
Size: 3.6mb, 200k instances
AP238 file, STEP-NC DLL
File Created:  2008-09-24
Image Created: 2008-10-01

Five-axis machining process with 28 product models and assembly components
for for starting and final workpiece, fixtures, and tool assemblies.  36
unique operations reused at each of the different blades for a total of 134
machining steps, with toolpaths for roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, and
784 inspection operations. datums and surface profile tolerances,
cross-section information, and optimized feed-speed parameters.

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