TYPE style_context_select

(* SCHEMA step_merged_ap_schema; *)
-- DIFF IN AP214
-- DIFF IN AP203e2
-- DIFF IN AP232
-- IN AP203e2/AP214/AP232/AP238 STEP-NC/AP242
TYPE style_context_select = SELECT
  (context_dependent_shape_representation,			 -- AP238 STEP-NC/AP242
   group,							 -- Common
   presentation_layer_assignment,				 -- AP203e2/AP214/AP238 STEP-NC/AP242
   presentation_set,						 -- Common
   representation,						 -- Common
   representation_item,						 -- Common
   representation_relationship,					 -- AP203e2/AP238 STEP-NC/AP242
   shape_representation_relationship);				 -- AP214

Referenced By

Defintion style_context_select is references by the following definitions:
 context_dependent_over_riding_styled_item ENTITY
 presentation_style_by_context ENTITY

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