TYPE certification_item

(* SCHEMA step_merged_ap_schema; *)
-- DIFF IN AP214
-- DIFF IN AP203e2
-- DIFF IN Deprecated AP203e1
-- DIFF IN AP232
-- IN AP203e2/AP214/AP232/AP242/Deprecated AP203e1
TYPE certification_item = SELECT
  (alternate_product_relationship,				 -- AP203e2/AP242
   make_from_usage_option,					 -- AP203e2/AP242
   product_definition,						 -- AP214/AP242
   product_definition_formation,				 -- AP203e2/AP214/AP242
   product_definition_formation_relationship,			 -- AP203e2/AP214/AP232/AP242
   product_definition_relationship,				 -- AP214/AP242
   supplied_part_relationship);					 -- Deprecated AP203e1

Referenced By

Defintion certification_item is references by the following definitions:
 action_item SELECT
 applied_certification_assignment ENTITY

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