ENTITY setup

(* SCHEMA ap238_arm_schema; *)
ENTITY setup; 	(* m0 *)
its_id:                     identifier;
its_origin:                 OPTIONAL axis2_placement_3d;
its_secplane:               elementary_surface;
its_workpiece_setup:    LIST [0:?] OF workpiece_setup;
Informal proposition:
If its_origin is not set, the default for the origin
of the setup is identical with the machine origin.

Explicit Attributes

Entity setup has the following local and inherited explicit attributes:
AttributeTypeDefined By
 its_ididentifier (STRING)setup
 its_originaxis2_placement_3d (STRING)setup
 its_secplaneelementary_surface (STRING)setup
 its_workpiece_setupLIST OF workpiece_setup (ENTITY)setup

Derived Attributes

    No derived attributes

Inverse Attributes

    No Inverse Attributes


    No supertypes


    No subtypes

Referenced By

Entity setup and its supertypes are referenced by the following definitions:
DefinitionTypeReferenced Entity
 workplan ENTITY setup

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