ENTITY rectangular_offset

(* SCHEMA ap238_arm_schema; *)
ENTITY rectangular_offset; 	(* m1 *)
offset_direction:   direction;
offset_distance:    length_measure;
row_index:          INTEGER;
column_index:       INTEGER;
END_ENTITY; -- rectangular_offset

Explicit Attributes

Entity rectangular_offset has the following local and inherited explicit attributes:
AttributeTypeDefined By
 offset_directiondirection (STRING)rectangular_offset
 offset_distancelength_measure (ENTITY)rectangular_offset

Derived Attributes

    No derived attributes

Inverse Attributes

    No Inverse Attributes


    No supertypes


    No subtypes

Referenced By

Entity rectangular_offset and its supertypes are referenced by the following definitions:
DefinitionTypeReferenced Entity
 rectangular_pattern ENTITY rectangular_offset

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