ENTITY program_structure

(* SCHEMA ap238_arm_schema; *)
(* ************************************************************ *)
(* Program structure                                            *)
(* ************************************************************ *)

ENTITY program_structure	(* m0 *)
ABSTRACT SUPERTYPE OF (ONEOF(workplan, parallel, non_sequential, selective, if_statement, while_statement, assignment))
SUBTYPE OF (executable);

Explicit Attributes

Entity program_structure has the following local and inherited explicit attributes:
AttributeTypeDefined By
 its_ididentifier (STRING)executable

Derived Attributes

    No derived attributes

Inverse Attributes

    No Inverse Attributes


Entity program_structure inherits from the following supertypes:


Entity program_structure has the following subtypes:
* - Immediate Subtypes

Referenced By

Entity program_structure and its supertypes are referenced by the following definitions:
DefinitionTypeReferenced Entity
 executable ENTITY program_structure
 if_statement ENTITY executable
 last_modified_timestamp_item SELECT executable
 non_sequential ENTITY executable
 parallel ENTITY executable
 security_classification_item SELECT executable
 selective ENTITY executable
 while_statement ENTITY executable
 workplan ENTITY executable

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