The link below contains Visual Studio templates that create fully-configured projects for STEP-NC DLL applications. Save the link below, then unpack it in your Documents folder. This installs templates (which are also zip files) under the "Templates\ProjectTemplates\STEP-NC" folder in each of the "Visual Studio 2012", -2013, -2015, and -2017, and -2019 folders. Only unpack the stepnc_templates zip, do not unpack the template zips (stepnc_console_cs, etc.)

After you install, create a new project by selecting "File | New | Project", and then under either C# or Visual Basic, select the STEP-NC category. There are two templates, as shown below. One creates a console application and one creates a simple form with a button.

The main program in the new project has code examples that create a new machining process and read existing data and print operations.